Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why you should find your partner from another country other than the USA

age is a good thing. guys there are spoiled, addicts, most are raised w/a family at least a mother- there none; no parents! There it's family, here it's work, jobs... Buy, Buy, BUY. There they are happy w/ food. Here- it's junk food, tons like food, from birth. There is worse than Africa b/c Europe is so close. Here and there the economies are getting worse.

Re: David De Angelo ? 2013

his stuff is old. i have all of it and over 500 ebooks still to read. I have studied over 100 courses. I traded and taught to get most of them. Full price would be over $20000 at least for what i have. You can find the latest on datingskillsreview.com. I have a free version at www.meetwomenperiod.blogspot.com. The stuff is contradictory, EXTREMELY emotionally advertised. I can get just about anything cheap through my network. But, most of the info is the opposite of others teachings or long, repeating incorrect psychology.  I've only taught one guy directly and don't know if his any better, or not. I have not created products simply b/c if it's not working for me, I won't sell it to someone else. Making eye contact with touching is definitive - most popular youtube vids of Richard Gambler. I simply have had a difficult time of finding women i'd want to use my patterns etc; stuff with locally.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Scent to attract women that works secrets

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" width="300" height="250" scrolling="no" border="0" marginwidth="0" style="border:none;" frameborder="0"></iframe>   Search Realm for men. secrets -1. store in frig  2. shake well before applying.  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fight like a woman have courage like a girl.

Please don't smile when you're sad. Have a great cry, special toxicians are release through tears that aren't passed out of the body any other way. Brave women cry in public it shows that they always will be a kind, loving, little girl part inside them and that's a gift to the world only they can give.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to meet women in your 50's and beyond

My father is single and in his 70's. He meets 2 - 9 new women every weekend at a country music dance. Stay well groomed, beard trimmer, clean everything- nails,nose hair, car, shoes, etc. Women pay a lot of attention to these things.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Why would a woman would put her guy friend down in front of a her guy friend?

It's her way of relieving stress. women have 4 brain centers = they talk with themselves in their own head- deeply emotionally. It's her way of feeling more comfortable since you aren't as interested in her as any other guy she's been around would be and still are around enjoying her, for her. not wanting something from her - sex, money - things she has experienced from other guys.     We as guys in general aren't emotionally involved like women, they must give constant attention to a baby for it to live... don't have testosterone, an emotional inhibitor. Think of her like all women as a little girl, in this regard. They all once were and in some ways always will be. Let your thoughts be gentle towards her. If she's damaged; talking like a guy - tell her or Eject.

     He does these things and she's exposed to that everyday.