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Husband cheats on Wife and kids - What should she DO

Wow. He's made major bad choices! U need to tip off the police! It sounds like you still love him.  You have to tell I guy about your hurts. We feel very little compared to women. After society has corrected him. You need to get more venerable.  Women should be an emotionally strong, grown up little girl close to her father that protected and guided her and a guy a boy that had that example most don't anymore. Do things that make him feel young. Guys craved that like women do security.  Fake it that he's great that you ever imagined! The more you hurt tell him, then love  more than that. If you can make it through this for a few intense months daily; you'll be happier than ever. Anyone can quit but, those who don't get God's for generations!! Feel the intenseness of the hurt and then love even more! Love is the only that can over come hate.  Win by shielding your children and the lives after them. Winners get endless every good things, loser quitters only see in ours relationships. It's not easy but, if he doesn't physically abuse you or the kids. Display your love in front of him with caring more for your kids. Search the Internet for a couple that are together that made it through to the other side. May God protect your fragile hearts.

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Ghost in the Shell BladeRunner 2018 Real Sex Body Robots "More Human Than Human"

New Artificial Intelligence App to give Personalities Sex Dolls

California-based RealDoll is working on an artificial intelligence app that’ll infuse its sex dolls with personalities.
CEO of RealDoll Matt McMullen elaborates:
“We are developing the Harmony AI system to add a new layer to the relationships people can have with a Realdoll,” the company’s chief executive Matt Mullen told Digital Trends.”
“Many of our clients rely on their imaginations to a great degree to impose imagined personalities on their dolls.”
“With the Harmony AI, they will be able to actually create these personalities instead of having to imagine them.
“They will be able to talk to their dolls, and the AI will learn about them over time through these interactions, thus creating an alternative form of relationship.
“The scope of conversations possible with the AI is quite diverse, and not limited to sexual subject matter.”
The Harmony AI app is expected to cost about $20 per month and slated to be released by 4/ 2018  
The first sex robots will not be fully automatized dolls, but they will have robotic components.  For example, the California-based company Abyss Creations (more commonly known as RealDoll) is creating an initial release of a sex robot that will have electronic sensors embedded in its skin.  The sensors will allow the sex robot to respond to touch, to move, vibrate, warm up, and even respond vocally to touch.  This means we can expect some simple voice interaction and genitals that warm up on their own.  The first model of the Abyss Creations Sex Robot is expected to be released in late 2017 with a price tag of $15,000. 
Abyss Creations is also developing a software named Harmony AI and an accompanying hardware component, a robotic sex doll head.  This technology will most likely require that the user wear some sort of virtual-reality head device.  Harmony AI will allow doll owners to choose personalities for their dolls, they will then be able to converse with their dolls on a wide range of topics, not just sexual topics.  The Harmony AI and Robotic Sex Doll Head combination is expected to be released in 2018 with a price tag of $10,000.

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What's something to offer a younger first date?

request private pictures to email. offer something besides $ like a home cooked steak dinner/ order Chinese, pizza, wine, etc if the women are much younger and don't want to go out/ seen in public first day;  first/ overnight stay at relatives house.

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top fashion tips for guys

1.  Follow "fashion" less and personal style more. Style is what makes you an individual and it's WHO you are that makes you attractive to other people. Following "fashion" simply makes you one of the herd and one-dimensional. It doesn't matter if your style is boho, conservative, clean cut, or way, way casual. Whatever it is, own it and know yourself.

2.  Remember that your style is what you are actively saying to other people. How you present yourself to others matters, no matter how many times you hear "it's what's on the inside that counts." That may be true (I certainly believe so), but who you are on the outside also gets a say, especially to people you aren't familiar with.

3.  Dress appropriately for the occasion. No jeans at a wedding and no shorts in the middle of winter. And please, no black socks at the beach (European guys: index and middle fingers pointed at my eyes, now pointed at you).

4.  On the subject of socks, most guys have WAY too many pairs of white tube socks. You need 2 pair. Get rid of the rest and invest in some black, brown, beige, and, if you can rock it, red socks. Never wear white socks with sandals/flip flops unless you are in a traditional Japanese kimono.

5.  White jeans can be worn, but not with white shoes, not on a cold day, not on a rainy day, and not with colored underwear. And for the sake of baby Jesus, never go commando with white jeans/pants.

6.  Matching is a basic element of style. Sophisticated men know when to match and when not to. Every man should know that matching everything makes you look like a pimp. In general, belts should match shoes and ties should match pocketsquares. However, rules are made to be broken - just do so consciously. Stripes on stripes is only for experts, and even then I'm not 100% sold. To see men who are breaking such rules, with varying levels of success, check out the book "Gentlemen of Bacongo":

The Yellow Man of North Beach gets a pass.

7.  It's better to make sure the clothes you buy fit first, before you buy them. Alterations are expensive, so avoid them if you can. All suit jackets and pants must be altered. For jackets, cuffs should end at the wrist, not below it. Ask your tailor to bring in the sides of the jacket so that there is a V shape to your torso. Pant hems or cuffs should end anywhere between the middle of the back of the shoe to the top -- not higher or lower. Please, either roll up those jeans or have them hemmed. The torn and ragged hem you've created by walking around town with the back of your jeans below your shoe makes you look like you still live at home.

8.  Less is more.

9.  Accessorize. Most guys fail at properly accesorizing, but often accessories define a man of sophistication. Cuff links, a milan straw hat, ties, a tasteful ring (or a wedding band), a nice watch, a nice pair of glasses all add a nice touch to whatever you're wearing. Bling is good. However, refer to number 8. And on the subject of hats: hats often signal to other people that the wearer is ashamed of his thinning hair. Wear a hat if it's cold and misty or if you are out in the sun (or if you're at a baseball game - Go Giants!!) But don't wear a hat if your intention is to fool someone. They are not fooled. Unless they are completely shallow, if they are being nice to you it's because they don't care what's under the hat. So take it off.

10.  Shoes matter. Big time. For what a nice pair of shoes look like, Google "Allen Edmonds." Square toes will make you look shorter, rounded toes will make you look the size you are or taller. 

11.  By all means, flaunt whatever sex appeal you have. Don't be afraid to unbutton that top button or wear shirts that actually fit your body (most men's dress shirts are way too baggy). Just remember, it's a fine line between a little sex appeal and a lot of "Chester the Molester."

12.  Although rule number 8 is golden, layering can add sophistication and individuality to an outfit. Layering clothes says to others that not only are you creative, but you are warm. Cold guys are putzes.

13.  Guys -- a touchy subject: hair. The subject is unavoidable. Yes, it matters.  It matters even to men who are losing their hair. My feeling is that it's not how much hair you have, but what you do with it and if it looks right on you. A lot of guys are bypassing a little hair loss with the Mr. Clean look. Okay, that's cool. But balding men with clean and neatly cut hair can also look mature, which is how a man should look. Unless it's an essential part of your overall style, an adult male should not be walking around with a faux-hawk, nor should a balding man grow out the sides so that he looks like Riff-Raff from Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Beware of the product!! Product is meant to hold, not to be seen. The exception to this is the sculpted Don Draper/Mad Men look. In that case, invest in a good pomade that washes out easily and use a strong hair spray sparingly to keep it all in place. The other exception is if you are currently one of the cast members of Jersey Shore, and you are getting paid to look like a douche. Otherwise, don't get pwned by hair gel gone wild.

Take care of your hair. Unless you are using a lot of product, you don't need to wash it every day, especially if all you ever do is sit at a desk. Even if you work out, a good rinse with warm water is sufficient. Your hair stays healthy and soft when the protective oils coat the hair strands. Excessive washing strips your hair and skin of your natural oils -- especially considering most shampoos are made of heavy-duty detergents.

14.  You don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks. A pair of polished black shoes, basic blue jeans, a basic, white, button down dress shirt rolled up slightly at the sleeves and a subdued wristwatch is plenty. "Fast Fashion" stores like H&M, Old Navy, Zara, and Gap are great for some things, but they are often cheap because of the quality of the materials and the clothes are made for current trends, rather than longevity. A decent dress shirt will cost you anywhere between $85 (Macys) - $200 (Thomas Pink). But only suckers pay full retail, right? So, know what you want/need and keep your eyes open for sales. Better yet: Nordstrom's Rack.

15.  Relax. No matter how well you're put together, an angry or uptight man is never an attractive man. Confidence is not being overly assertive, but rather kindness to and respect for others are the true signs of a confident man. Your clothes may look like a million bucks, but your attitude may be saying "trailer fabulous."

16.  Finally, dress nice because you want to. Yes, it's important to have a dignified presence to others, but in the end it's your life. Clothes won't change what you are, but they can help communicate who you are and how you wish to be perceived.

(The above photos were taken of random people in San Francisco, CA.)
From Boys to Men: The male fashion world is beginning to shift away from the prepubescent, skater-look that dominated the last decade or so in favor of more masculine styles (think straight-leg jeans, three piece suits, turtlenecks, “blue-collar” plaid shirts, tweed coats, etc.).  Jim Nelson, the editor of GQ, argues that in an era of economic turbulence, record unemployment, and political upheaval, “people want to be reminded that we as men do work, we do labor, we do still make things.”  This trend towards conventional masculinity is reflected on the catwalk, advertising, television, and film, hence partially explaining why Jon Hamm of Mad Men has been catapulted into the pop culture stratosphere. 
In terms of trends: Avoid androgynous clothing like “too-tight” shirts, skinny jeans, colorful scarves in feminine colors, etc. in favor of well-fitted, comfortable clothing in neutral colors (black, camel, blue, green etc.) and classic menswear styles. 
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen, Private Personal Stylist for Entrepreneurs. Menswear Designer for 10 years.
Personal stylist here, Menswear designer for the last 10 years.
Guys who are just starting out tend to over-complicate things. Trying too many new/trendy styles that go out of style too quickly for them to really learn.
T-shirt and jeans can look great.. No, you don't need to be super fit or have celebrity good looks to make it work either. See here.
Here's my advice
1. Buying clothes that fit will solve 90% of your style problems Once you get fit down, it's easy to buy things that look good or explore new styles. Guys tend to buy clothes that are too large (rather than too small). Most of the time because they feel like it's more comfortable. It ends up looking sloppy, and you give off the vibe of looking like a kid trying on his dads clothes.
I have a trick I teach my clients to quickly learn how clothes should fit. It takes 1 second. I tell them "The clues are in the construction"
All you need to know about how clothes should fit you can be seen by looking at how it’s put together.
For example, if you want to know how a top should fit, take a look at the shoulder seams. Where the sleeve and shoulder connect on, say, a t-shirt, should line up with where your arm and shoulder connect.
Look at these two examples I made:
Bad fit: Adam Sandler
Good Fit: Chris Pratt
The Adam Sandler example INSTANTLY tells you that the shirt is too big for him. The shoulder seam of Chris’ t-shirt lines up with where his arm and shoulder actually connect, making a much better fit.
This trick applies to ANY top – t-shirts, dress shirts, plaid shirts, jackets and blazers.
For sleeve length, hit at the wrist. For pant length, end right where your ankles are. Your pants should be tight enough where you can comfortably button them up, but you don't suffocate. If you need a belt more than a notch or two, they're too big. Do the pinch test to see if your pants are too baggy.
There are places you can fine tune later as you get more comfortable wearing a smaller (correct) size than you're used to. But this is a GREAT place to start that's going to fix your biggest problem, fit.
2. Go clean and minimal - stop wearing things with prints, graphics and too much details
Avoid things like graphic tees, college shirts, button up shirts with embroidery and overly washed jeans. Graphics and over embellishment are associated with young guys or Guy Fieri. Going clean and solid makes you look a lot more refined and mature.
Solid white, black, gray t-shirts. Dark indigo raw jeans. Solid suits (for now) if you need to wear one, gray and navy are classic and timeless. Don't venture out into glen plaids or stripes just yet.
Stick to solid neutrals - black, navy, white, greys, khaki, olive. These are solid, safe places to start. Jumping into too much intense colors - like yellow, can be saved for later..
Which leads me to...
3. Go for classic styles before you try to develop your personal style
I don't necessarily agree with the common advice people give on forums and comments about "wear what you like". That's kind of like saying to someone that wants to learn to cook "cook what you like!". You don't know what you like yet. Cooks will learn classic recipes before they start adding their own personality.
Men's styles don't change much compared to women. That's why the style in Back to the Future in 1955 looks more like today, than what they thought 2015 would look like..
Great source of inspiration is Men in Hollywood in the 50s and 60s. Classic source of inspiration because how timeless the stuff is. Search guys like Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and Miles Davis
Just start with a solid, versatile, classic base. If I were to start from scratch, I'd start with:
  • Dark Charcoal suit (If I needed a suit for work)
  • White t-shirt
  • Heather Gray t-shirt
  • Chambray shirt
  • Fine blue striped spread collar dress shirt
  • Dark indigo raw jeans
  • Khaki Chinos
  • Black combat boots
  • Black Oxford dress shoes (if I get the suit)
  • White leather sneakers, like Adidas Stan Smiths.
Of course, I could get multiples so I'm not wearing the same dirty shirt everyday. But this base will get you really far and, if you focus on getting the right fit, will make you look 100x better than where you started.
Hope this helps. I write a lot about more essential, versatile items on my site if you need more in depth ideas.
Ani Ravi
Ani Ravi, nothing suits me like a suit!
Some obvious tips:
  • Go to the gym.
  • Get plastic surgery.
  • Get a better haircut.

If you're unable or unwilling to do those things, or you've done them and are still unattractive, some more tips:
  • Dress more formally - this will cause some people to form an opinion of you based on your outfit ("that man is very sharply-dressed") and possibly ignore your hideous physical features.
  • Wear nicer and more interesting outfits with more layers - same as above, plus some people might also think you're rich - the goal with this and the last tip is to have people ignore you for your clothes.
  • If you have physical features that can be reasonably hidden or mitigated, do something about them - e.g., as June Lin suggests, if you're a fatty, wear dark colors and vertical stripes and try to layer to create a slimmer silhouette (wearing a jacket is great for this); if your skin is ugly, wear long sleeves; if your face is disgusting, consider wrapping a scarf around it like a ninja.
  • If you're balding, don't try a comb-over or hair drug. Instead, consider either: wearing a hat - though this can backfire if you have to go to church, are in the presence of a lady, etc.; or shaving your head - if you are lucky, people might confuse you for a Neo-Nazi and assume that you could grow a full head of hair.
Edmond Lau
Edmond Lau, Author of The Effective Engineer
A study by the University of Rochester [1] suggests that wearing red makes a man look more powerful, attractive, and sexually desirable:

Simply wearing the color red or being bordered by the rosy hue makes a man more attractive and sexually desirable to women, according to a series of studies by researchers at the University of Rochester and other institutions.

The study was based on experiments where ~300 participants rated the status and attractiveness of men in photographs. The men's clothing in the photographs were digitally altered to different colors to test their effects on the response.

Lisa Bruckner
Lisa Bruckner, Founder & CEO and Men's Style Blogger
  1. Dark denim goes with almost everything and can be worn to the game, a date and even to a business casual board meeting.
  2. People notice your clothing in this order: shoes, jacket, belt, pants, shirt. Invest accordingly.
  3. Fashion is fickle. If you don't have the clothing budget to support a new wardrobe every few months, don't worry about fashion and instead focus on style—defining it for yourself and "owning" it.
  4. Style is really the effort you put forth in selecting and coordinating clothing together so it looks like you just casually threw it on, but somehow made it look amazing.
  5. If you don't want to spend the time and effort to do this, hire help.
  6. Brown is a much more fashionable accessory color for shoes and belts than black.
  7. Yes, you can wear brown shoes with black clothing.
  8. Grey looks more stylish paired with brown accessories than black.
  9. When coordinating clothing together, try to mix fabrics (smooth, textured, linen, wool) and don't be afraid to wear more than one pattern together (meaning plaid shirt with pinstriped pants for example).
  10. Shorter trousers (no break) are "fashionable," but don't wear them this way unless you can own it and feel confident. Go for 1/2"–1" break if you are more conservative/mainstream.

I agree with the others that fit is numero uno when it comes to fashion and style. Ill-fitting clothes don't look as stylish as well-fitting clothes—no matter how much you paid for them.

More tips at
Kyle Pennell
Kyle Pennell, Fascinated with nearly everything
Easy wins for a 20s something straight guys without a lot of money*.

1. Fit above all else
Looking sloppy is the number #1 thing to avoid--nothing will hurt your chances with women more.  Your clothes need to fit the shape your body, snug but not tight.  T-shirt sleaves should rest slightly above your elbows with the bottom of the t-shirt slightly below the top of your jeans.  Jeans should fit your waist (no sag) and fit your legs fairly snug (but with enough freedom to move around).

2. Fun and simple accessories
Women generally pick up on more details than men do.  Shoes say something about you to her, keep em clean.  Fun t-shirts give women you don't know (yet) a reason to strike up a conversation.  I now have a decent collection of threadless** tees that are fun and have a meaning to me, they have helped. Bracelets and necklaces with back stories (e.g. traveling) are also great conversation pieces.  Fun simple accessorizing makes you seem more interesting/less boring.

Plenty of women are turned-on by a guy who can do tattoos and piercings right.  This is tricky territory: some guys can pull it off in a fun sort of quasi-tribal/ethnic way (read: interesting and sexy), but most just look like douchebags.  I always envied the play the former got but never wanted to look like the latter (not to mention doing it for the wrong reasons).  Tread carefully, unless you're a bro or in bro-territory.

Summary: Good fitting clean clothes, clean shoes with a few fun accessories are a way to have style without having to shop or spend excessively.  Remember 80-20! (google if you don't know bout dat yet)

*For those who are making decent money in their 30s and beyond, it's much easier to spend your way into being stylish.
  • Keep your athletic socks and shoes for sports. If you need casual shoes check out some boat shoes, desert boots, chuck taylors, penny loafers, etc.  Or just wear a good pair of lace ups. Get some dress socks that match your pants. Blue dress socks work well with jeans. Go sock-less if you're wearing boat shoes.
  • Match your belt color to your shoes. You can get a cheap reversible leather belt (black on one side, brown on the other) so you can easily travel and handle both scenarios.
  • Pants should just barely hit the top of your shoes without creasing (no-break) to creasing twice after hitting the top of your shoes (two breaks). I prefer no break to a half break. You shouldn't have a puddle of cloth at your feet. Nor should you be showing ankle (unless you're Thom Browne). I believe jeans are an exception here. Some people are OK with lot's of breaks when it comes to jeans; it's called stacking.
  • Get stuff altered. Clothing stores have to accomodate for the masses; chances are, the clothing you bought off the rack isn't a great fit. Maybe they don't make the khakis you want in your size. Get the larger size and bring them to the tailor to have them shortened. Shirts can be brought in around the torso so you don't look like you are wearing a tent. A cheap blazer from the Gap that's been altered can a look a million times better than the most expensive blazer that doesn't fit.
  • You can use clothing to make yourself appear more proportional. For example: If you're tall avoid vertical stripes as they make you look lanky. If you're overweight, avoid horizontal stripes and double breasted suits as they accent your size. If you have a wide head, use a spread collar. If you're short, get your pants without cuffs, etc.
  • It's said that a white oxford shirt and a dark pair of jeans look great on any guy.
Tristan Walker 
Tristan Walker, EIR / Andreessen Horowitz
My favorite book on this is Alan Flusser's Dressing the Man ( and his Style and the Man ( Both very, very thorough. Should do the trick and tell you everything you need to know.

There is real weight to that old phrase - "You can tell the measure of a man by his shoes".

Nothing can ruin a look quicker than a pair of shabby shoes. Once you accept this principle, you will be AMAZED by how many 'well dressed' guys you will run into that have yet to grasp this.

Don't go cheap on footwear. You should only wear high quality footwear made from reputable names. Buy classic looks, protect them (use shoeshorns! clean and maintain regularly!) and plan to keep your shoes for years. Shop around (use the internet to pre-research!) and make the RIGHT picks when you buy as those selections should be with you for a long time!
Nan Waldman
Nan Waldman, Education + Parenting / Quoradinating
Men who consider themselves unattractive should consider doing two things: improving their self esteem, and improving their physical appearance.

To improve your self esteem, do yoga and meditate.

To improve your physical appearance, do yoga and mediate. Also:
  • bathe and shave often and regularly enough to never have patchy scratchy.
  • spend a lot more money and get much, much better haircuts.
  • get your clothes tailored to fit you in the most attractive way possible.
  • never wear sweat clothes or old bulky unattractive clothing except at the gym.
  • exercise regularly in addition to doing yoga.
  • go to the dentist regularly and make sure you have a beautiful smile.
  • eat healthfully and be sure you have sweetsmelling breath.
  • go to Toastmasters and learn how to speak well so that nobody notices what you look like. Keep your mind active and beautiful so anyone will love you.
  • remember that women are less visual creatures than men. If you want to 'look good' to a woman, you have to 'be good' -- interesting, articulate, thoughtful, expressive, healthful, educated, in good physical shape, contributing to the world, etc.
  • Did you notice that House Assemblymember Weiner made a huge mistake thinking women would find his almost naked physical appearance attractive? What he did was mistakenly project and then transfer his own view (visually-oriented) onto the women he was trying to attract. His mistake is that most women are first attracted emotionally, not physically. If he were a woman, then sending a photo to a man would have a different effect than a man sending a photo to a woman. This photo of someone who, to me, is an unattractive man is from Never send photos like this to anyone. They live forever.
Peter Clark
Peter Clark, ripped jeans and a blazer and some louboutin slippers
  • The fit of clothes is the most important thing. (tailor++)
  • Wear good—no, great—shoes that match what you're wearing (people notice).
  • Have an awesome wallet (that fits in a suit trouser, so keep it slim) and ideally a fashionable watch. From a Rolex to a vintage Casio calculator.
  • If you're tall, you probably shouldn't wear shorts (sorry).
  • A good pair of slim khakis and jeans are pretty much the only pants a guy needs (other than suits).
  • Never wear more than one item of clothing from a single brand.
  • Brown shoes and black suit are no no no.
Xianhang Zhang
Xianhang Zhang, I design for social interaction
Dressing the Man by Alan Flusser: is the best book I've found on fashion for the left-brained engineering type. Flusser goes through the systematic logic & systems for fashion. In short, his biggest advice is to avoid any tip that's "Do X" or "Don't do X" that doesn't take into account who you are. Your skin tone, the shape of your body, how long your arms are, these are all more important in determining how to dress.
Jeremy Sprague
Jeremy Sprague, Decade of customer success and support; and slew of service jobs
Most men hate shopping and hate spending money on clothes. This is why I think so many never get good at it. Here are some principles for buying clothes like a man:

Give Yourself a Budget
They're all going to look expensive if you don't have money set aside. Also, you're going to be encouraged to piecemeal your outfits, so your old clothes are killing the impact of your new items.

Have a Plan
Studies show that men's cortisol and blood pressure rises the longer they are in a shopping environment. The experience is terrible, and it rushes us to make bad decisions. Spend some time online seeing clothes you like. Figure out what stores you need to hit, and how you're gonna get it done fastest. You should only go to the physical store to try and buy. Mean business, get in and out.

Schedule Updates
You're never going to want to do it, like cleaning the garage. So, pick a few times a year that you have to get it done. Try to schedule it with seasonal sales, but avoid the weekends because the crowds will make it miserable.

Go Alone

Don't go to get clothes with someone that likes shopping. You're a hunter, not a gatherer. A shopper will make you look at everything and ask you if you like it. If you need advice, send photos from websites, but don't let someone take you. You're an adult. A long day in stores being treated like a kid will just reinforce your indecisiveness and give you bad feelings about buying clothes.
  • wear dark-ish colors
  • wear v-necks (slims the neckline)
  • avoid tops with naturally sloped shoulders
  • avoid bulk and having too many things in your pockets
  • wear a three-button blazer over a t-shirt or dress shirt (the structure of the blazer hides body imperfections)
  • and please, no comb-overs or Donald Trump hair
Eli Altman
Eli Altman, i usually wear men's clothing
Style is debatable. Fit is not. Make sure your clothes fit. If you're not sure, or your pulling at something, or you're making a weird face when you're looking in the mirror, it doesn't fit.

Don't force it either. If you're shopping for a particular item and don't find one that fits the way it should or looks the way it should, don't go with the best available option just because it's the best option. Wait until you find something you really like. Otherwise, it'll just end up collecting dust in the corner of your closet next to your christmas sweater.
Zachary Lukasiewicz
Zachary Lukasiewicz, Learn faster than anyone else (
Color and color coordination is one that's tough for a lot of guys to get into, so that’s what I’ll talk about here.
The fact that you're reading this article means you're already making progress on Step 1. Because the first -- arguably the most important -- step in any wardrobe improvement is caring about it.
Anything you put your attention into will grow and improve.
You probably know that from other areas of your life.
Learning about color and improving your wardrobe will translate into success in other areas of your life too.
Color and color coordination is one that's tough for a lot of guys to get into.
The existing literature is usually written for women's fashion specifically, with a few paragraphs thrown in on some male or gender-neutral styles.
These don't usually take most of the colors in the traditional male wardrobe into account, and when they start talking about "seasonal palettes" guys really start to lose interest.
No shame there.
But the lack of real discussion means that you have to motivate yourself to learn about color and its role in men's fashion.
We've got all the information you'll need here in this article -- it's just a matter of wanting it.
So before we go any further, here are a few simple reasons to start thinking harder about color than you have been:
Reason #1: Understanding Color Means No More Obvious Mistakes
Let's be honest -- it doesn't take an art critic to know when someone's outfit just isn't working.
You might not be able to put your finger on why someone seems a little hard on the eyes, but you can tell.
Most humans have a good natural instinct when it comes to color.
We know when something is off even though we might not know why.
A lot of what we think of as "looking sharp" is just avoiding basic mistakes and not following every new fashion trend.
Clashing colors aren't always obvious or garish -- it's possible to wear something that doesn't work in a very subtle way.
People will still notice, subconsciously, and be a little put-off by it.
A good grasp of color basics lets you avoid those obvious mistakes.
A lot of things become obvious in hindsight, real "why did I ever do that?" moments.
And you won't do them again.
So that's a good start.
Reason #2: Color Lets You Guide People's Eyes
We all have features we'd like to emphasize and features that we'd just as soon people didn't notice.
Part of dressing sharp is figuring out how to emphasize the good and downplay the not -so -good.
Color plays a huge role in determining where your eye goes.
We're genetically conditioned to prioritize some colors over others.
That's why emergency signals and advertisements favor bright colors that don't appear in nature very often -- it's a message to our backbrains saying "hey, look over there."
Obviously, that doesn't mean wearing a pair of neon green eyeglasses because you think you have good eyes.
But by learning the subtleties of lights and darks and the way colors interact with one another you can perform all kinds of optical illusions.
Add a few inches of height, lose some pounds, have a more athletic build -- they're all things you can do with the right clothing.
Or at least they're things you can convince people you've done, even if the body underneath stays unchanged...
Reason #3: Colors are a Jedi Mind -Control Trick
Okay, not really. But there are psychological elements to choosing your color, and they do have real, provable effects.
We "like" certain colors more than others.
We also react differently to some than others.
Reds enliven us; browns reassure us.
It sounds complex (and the science of it is), but you don't have to understand which neural pathways are firing to take advantage of people's natural reactions to certain colors.
A deep understanding of color therefore has you ready to not only look sharp, but to be controlling the mind of every person looking at you.
And that's pretty cool.
Reason #4: Understanding Your Colors Makes Shopping Easier
When you understand what colors suit you, you’ll find that shopping gets much easier. Instead of being overwhelmed with a ton of clothes, you’ll be able to zero in on what is going to look good on you and ignore the rest.
And that saves time and money, which we all want to do.
So we hope you care about color now, even more than you did when you picked this up and started reading.
But what do you need to know to take advantage of all that color can do for you?
Read on.
And I promise we don't ever talk about "seasons" or "being an autumn."
"Your" colors meaning your inherent natural coloring -- the colors in your face, your skin, your hair; your eyes.
All put together you get what's broadly called your complexion.
There are about a thousand different ways to describe someone's complexion.
Most of them are totally subjective.
Are you "ruddy-faced?" I don't know.
Probably neither do you.
It's okay -- it doesn't matter.
There's only a few things you need to understand about your complexion:
Effects of Complexion and Contrast
The biggest overall impression your complexion makes has nothing to do with the specific colors in it.
Instead, it's based in contrast.
Contrast is the amount of difference between one color and the next.
A very fair-skinned man with light blonde hair doesn't have a lot of contrast between his hair and his face.
Someone with the same pale skin but bright red hair has more contrast, while someone with the light blonde hair but very dark brown skin would have even more.
Your first step toward understanding color is knowing how much contrast you bring to the table naturally:
  1. High-contrast men are those with extreme changes in color.
  2. An older black man with dark skin but whitened hair is high contrast; so is a gentleman with pale, untanned skin but naturally (or dyed) black hair.
  3. Smaller details can also add contrast, such as a dark-skinned man with very light blue eyes.
  4. Low-contrast men have little change in the deepness of their hues.
  5. Light blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin are low-contrast.
  6. So is dark skin with black hair and brown eyes.
  7. Medium-contrast falls between the two.
Swarthy skin with dark hair but green or blue eyes (a common Mediterranean complexion) is medium-contrast, as is the classic British redhead with pale skin that flushes easily, light eyes, and bright orange hair.
This overall complexion will end up being a yardstick for the amount of contrast in your own outfits.
High-contrast men need a bit of contrast in their clothes as well, while very low-contrast men can be overpowered by too much clashing of color.
Obviously, this isn't a precise scale.
A lot of men may find themselves somewhere in between one end of the extremes and the other.
But it's the useful starting point for everything else, and it helps eliminate certain looks, so know your complexion!
Need Help Discovering Your Contrast?
Take a photograph of your face and then photocopy in black and white (or take a black and white photograph and print it out).
Look at the gray scale above and then look at your skin, eye and hair color and match each to a value on the gray scale.
If your hair was a 3 or 4 then you would have a very low contrast overall and you’d know that it would be best to wear combinations of clothing that also have low contrast.
Effect of Skin Color Complexion, which we just talked about, is your overall "color scheme" if you want to think of it that way -- it's the way all the different colors (hair, skin, eyes, etc.) interact.
Each piece also plays its own role.
Your skin color shows not just in your face but also your neck and hands, and potentially feet and ankles as well in the summer.
It's the most "framing" color in your complexion -- the one that the most pieces of clothing are going to border.
Be thinking about your skin color when you think about contrast.
If you're a dark-skinned man who's looking for more contrast, a light-colored shirt provides that just by virtue of its contrast with your skin.
Skin color is also going to have an effect on which colors look more natural on you.
Try to have a good sense of where you fall on the spectrum:
  • Dark-skinned men can include many African-Americans, but also men from the Asian/Indian continent, dark-skinned Mediterranean men, some Hispanics, and even the occasional deeply-tanned Caucasian.
  • Dark skin contrasts with white or light-colored clothing, blends more naturally with deep hues like royal purple or hunter green, and can sometimes overpower pastels altogether.
  • Light-skinned men run the gamut from your run-of-the-mill Caucasian skin to lighter Asian and Hispanic men.
  • Light skin contrasts with dark colors, matches pastels and other light colors, and tends to look completely washed-out against too much black.
  • Medium-skinned men have some color but no real deep darkness. It can be hard to find clothing that contrasts. A medium-skinned man who needs some strong contrast is likely going to end up looking at black and white, the most extreme options, or else at very deep or very light colors.
A lot of guys already have a natural understanding of this without realizing it.
There's a reason you'll see a lot more black men than white wearing deep purple suits or vivid orange shirts.
So have it in mind as a conscious awareness as you're thinking about your physical coloring.
Skin Tone Skin tones are categorized as ‘warm’ or ‘cool’, which is determined by the undertone.
Look at the picture of Jay Z, he’s cool toned – now look at Kayne West – he has a much warmer tone.
You might have a ‘blue’ undertone to your skin, which would make you ‘cool’.
Or, you could have a yellow or red undertone to your skin, which would appear more ‘warm’. Look at your wrists and palms (or the back of your ear in a mirror).
Your undertone will either be red based (pink or rose), orange based (peach), or violet/blue (light violet or mauve).
If your palm and ear skin tone is dark or you’re having trouble ‘seeing’ the colors in your palm, look at your gums to determine the undertone.
You will see either red based (pink, rose or burgundy), orange based (peach or coral), or violet (mauve or plum).
This is a bit of a difficult concept to see at first and you may need a friend to help you (the attractive woman at the department store makeup counter is an excellent resource here - ) as it’s a key concept to understand your coloring.
It helps explain why one shade of blue or green or whatever color will look good on a person and another shade of the same color won’t look nearly as good.
An interesting note about jewelry – cool colored men look best in silver and warm toned men look best in gold!
Luc Wiesman
Luc Wiesman, Men's style writer and editor of Australian men's fashion website -
1. Be yourself
All too often we think we need to dress like this person or that person but it can often look try-hard. Rather, dress for your body type, height and personality. Then add layers to replicate the people or trends you admire. Bit by bit...

2. Seek advice but always make a decision
Having input from others in regards to clothing combinations is great. They can often point out blindingly obvious things which you would have otherwise overlooked. But remember ultimately if you want to wear something that's a little risque then go for it. You'll only learn from your triumph or mistake.

3. Experiment
Don't be afraid to pick fashion items which you would otherwise say 'oh no' to. Colourful sneakers, bright shirts, slim jeans, etc. Just pick / add them in moderation.

4. Research
Men's fashion blogs and websites are gold mines for ideas and products. And with the internet so easy to buy stuff, you should make it your friend. eBay, ASOS, SSense.... all winners for online shopping.

All worth a regular look see.

5. Avoid these things at all cost
  • Floral shirts — They're shit.
  • Baggy jeans — They're not shit but they're not in fashion…yet.
  • Ugg boots — They're shit and for women.
  • Colorful and heavy pattern ties — Only gynecologists should wear them.
  • Hats — Basic caps are cool but things like trilby's which are for 1920s gangsters.
  • Heavy pinstripe suits — Nobody need to draw that much attention to themselves.

6. Nothing wrong with overdressing
Nothing worse than rocking up to a party in your sunday sneakers when everyone is in boots, jeans and shorts. People will notice you if you look good, they won't if you look like a bum.

Good luck!
All interesting answers...If you are wanting to know specific trends here are a few  - But don't shoot the messenger this is just what you'll see  (or at least we saw on the runways!)

Longer board shorts
Rolled up pants
Washed out distressed denim (yes, still)
Raybans in interesting colors
Statement T's (ideally places)

The hip cardigan
Military (go for a coat or jacket)
Looking daper: 3 piece suits, bowties even
Striped pants
Flat pants
Mens Brooches (not sure this one will take off but hey they were showing them!)
Hair: 2 trends -- English school boy or 90's rocker
Kent Fung
Kent Fung, definitely a man.
1. Whenever possible/practical, buy tailor-made rather than a fashion label. Pick a classic styling, a classic cut, and a good fit. You'll never look "fashionable." You'll always look good.

2. Irregardless of what the current trend is, clothes that maintain certain classic proportions will make you look better. To learn what those proportions are, see Alan Flusser's books, as mentioned by Tristan.

3. Get in shape. If your body is at least reasonably trim and fit, you don't have to worry as much about fashion. If you're obviously out of shape, the best labels or tailors in the world can't make you look good.

4. Unless you're still in high school, any clothing that is associated with the gym or athletic activities should never be worn in public (unless you're working out or playing a sport.) This includes sneakers, gym shorts, baseball caps, tank tops, sweatpants, and sweatshirts.
Jos van Zuidam
Jos van Zuidam, Currently employed in this field
Fashion is passion, not just for the industry, but also for those wearing it.

Each piece of clothing tells something about who you are.
There are no rules, only maybe some guidelines.

You can follow trends and styles or just be who you are and wear that what makes you feel comfortable. You can read the books and get some tips, but in the end it is who you are what decides what ends up in your wardrobe.

This has nothing to do with being a "non-conformist" or a "genuine fashionista", some people just like blue jeans and others rather wear khakis.
Some people wear red ties because Barack Obama does, others wear them because it is mentioned in "The Gentleman" as a strong statement.

Different people have different motives, different ideas and different ways of doing stuff.

I always recommend the following:
"Go with the flow or paddle upstream, but just make sure the fit is right!"
Danise Cheah
Danise Cheah, business development
Something like this looks matured and nice for any occasion. Women will like this feel so much.

You probably can get lots fashion idea in the community site for fashion. you are free to ask for any question about the fashion over there, and the community will help you find your ideal suit over there.
@I want to dress up like Justin Timberlake
@I'm looking for Vintage Prom Shorts
Samantha Wolov
Samantha Wolov, Professional fashion photographer.
Honestly?  Look like you give a damn about yourself.  A lot of the suggestions point in this direction anyway.  Have your clothing fit you really well.  Take good care of your skin and hair.  Get a nice haircut that suits you.  Be confident.  If you think you're ugly, so will I.
Paul Roughsedge
Paul Roughsedge, Biker jacket geek.
Fit is everything. i see so many guys wearing clothes that would be otherwise ok, but they simply don't fit them. wearing clothes that are too big seems to be the main offender. there are probably many reasons for this but i think a lot of men think of themselves as being larger or more "macho" than they actually are. a lot of guys i speak to about size often claim to be a size or two larger than they are. getting to grips with your size and embracing your body shape can do a lot more for your style than splashing out on expensive designer brands ever will.
A good quality, well fitted leather jacket can do wonders for your style and is a wardrobe essential. There's a British company called Leather Monkeys that offers the best leather jackets i know of, and the fit is always second to none. check out their website here:
There's a really detailed size guide on the website so study and get the size that's perfect for you.
Chris Daltas
Chris Daltas, Senior UX Designer at OfferUP
Always checkout stores like H&M before dropping mad cash on a brand name, I've found that their cuts make their clothes indistinguishable from brands that are going to cost you 10x the cash or more.

For shoes go to Nordstrom Rack, they have all the best shoes in the world at 60% the price.

I'm not a bargain shopper but in my opinion it's excessive to be walking around in $1000 outfits (not including shoes). If I'm wearing more than $400 at any given time - I'm doing something wrong.

Also checkout daily deals at, it's a online bargain bin and buying platform for high fashion apparel. You need an invite so ask around your office or shoot a message out over facebook or me personally (Chris Daltas - go figure), chances are you know at least a few people who can send you invites.

To reiterate what someone else said. Don't ever wear Ed Hardy or Affliction style t-shirts, you look like a douche, in fact, if you are about to spend more than $30 on a t-shirt you should reconsider unless it's that 1980's Retro Transformers T that you've been waiting for.

Peace out.
Jeremy Liew 
Jeremy Liew, My closet is embarrassingly large
Wear clothes that fit. Most men in America wear clothes that are much too big for them. e.g. the shoulder seam on your shirt should sit exactly where your shoulder ends.
It's about the Shoes Baby
You ever ask why women are so obsessed with shoes? To let you know reality I don't generally know myself, yet you should know that shoes are a major part of a lady's life and they will see what sort of shoes you are wearing. Continuously have 3-4 sets of footwear that you keep perfect, cleaned and in polished & in pristine condition; I suggest having 1 sets of dull brown dress shoes that will look great with jeans, 1 sets of smooth dark dress shoes for somewhat more formal events, get yourself some cool searching shoes for mid year trips, and when you run energetic run with a pleasant pair of white cross coaches. Never mix up sporty wear with formal shoes or the a different way, see your shoes and in case you're sporting some ugly kicks then she'll discount you decently fast as a person who needs style.
Try not to be Afraid to Accessorize
Two or three cool frill, for example, a pleasant watch, an interesting accessory or arm bracelet will add to your overall sex appeal. Get accessories that match with your general style and appearance and recall not to run over the edge with the extras as far as the bling factor. Utilize the power of three here, which means try not to wear more than three accessories at any one time.
Get Your Haircut By a Pro
keep up a consistent haircut that you get cut at less than each 2 or 3 weeks by the same hairdresser, when all is said in done you should choose a man to cut your hair since I observe them to be more tuned in to the style I need to accomplish while the ladies will attempt more test things and cut your hair in a more ladylike manner. On the off chance that you don't have a clue about any great hairdresser then experiment with a couple places in your general vicinity or discover a few suppositions online about great ones in your general vicinity. Take a gander at a couple of men's magazines and discover a style that you might want for yourself, demonstrate this to your beautician when you go in and request a comparative style. Goodness better believe it, never forget to tip him no less than a couple of dollars on the off chance that he benefited a vocation and keep going back to the same guy every few weeks.
Attempt a Tie?
Yes, ties are truly hot right now and ladies discover them powerful, you can wear them to work or even a night out. Don't think that you must wear a full suit to wear a tie. You can even some wear some decent jeans, a coat and a cool tie, this can be a pretty hip and stylish look that ladies will take note. Try not to be hesitant to try somewhat here with ties with strong hues and examples, you'll stand out in to women in a good way.
To Beard or Not To Beard?
Alright, perhaps a full beard is a lot however a little bit of facial hair can be entirely appealing to ladies, simply ensure that you get yourself a pleasant electronic facial beard trimmer to keep everything trim and clean. Unkempt facial hair is a major side road for ladies, it shows that you don't generally have class and couldn't care about your appearance. As a rule the reality of the matter is that most ladies will incline toward a clean shaven man sporting a nice trim goatee or some five o'clock shadow just may do the trick and make the women melt.
Mohammed Salman
Mohammed Salman, stressed, but well-dressed.
25 Gentleman rules for dressing:
  1. Get to know your tailor. No matter what you wear, he can make it look better.
  2. A suit jacket or sports coat should fit like a glove. Once buttoned, you should be able to slide a palm between your chest and the coat. Anything more and the jacket is too big.
  3. A tie should hit you at the belt buckle. Never higher or lower.
  4. Your tie should never be wider than your lapel.
  5. Pocket squares are a great addition to any suit. Just remember it should never match your tie, only compliment it.
  6. You should always see some of your shirt cuff once your sleeve ends. 
  7. Suit pants should never pool at your shoes. They should have about a one inch break.
  8. A bulky wallet doesn't make you look rich. Only carry the necessities: your ID, a credit card and a few small bills.
  9. When wearing leather shoes, your belt should always match. Color and finish.
  10. Dress shoes are a staple in any man's closet. Invest in a quality pair.
  11. Keep your shoes clean and polished. Nothing looks worse than scuffed and faded toes.
  12. You should never wear square-footed shoes. NEVER.
  13. Jeans should distress on their own. Never buy them that way.
  14. Never wear a belt and suspenders. Only one or the other.
  15. Flip flops are for the beach only.
  16. A plain black or white T-shirt never goes out of style.
  17. Never button the bottom of your jacket. You don't want to look like a bellboy.
  18. Pleats are not flattering. Stick to flat-front pants.
  19. Socks are an extension of your personality. They don't need to match your pants, but they should complement your whole output.
  20. The basting stitches on the shoulders and the rear vents of your coat should be removed.
  21. White socks are for the gym, not with a suit.
  22. Lose the plastic watch. Invest in something refined and timeless.
  23. Over-sized watches are not flattering on anyone. Keep the dinner plates on the table.
  24. It's always better to show up overdressed rather than under-dressed.
  25. Follow your instincts, not the trends.
Ashish Patel
Ashish Patel, Software Engineer
This is a little detour from the original question but I thought I'd add it anyway. Aside from the regular stores (Club Monaco and Zara, sometimes H&M), I primarily use online sample sale sites to get stuff that I wouldn't otherwise be able to afford or find in terms of style or color. For instance, I'm a huge fan of J. Lindberg sweaters because they fit me perfectly but they retail upwards of $100 dollars. Gilt had them for 50% off.

You can request for your invitations:
Laurent Legouté
Laurent Legouté, Man of God, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist in training
So, I am gonna be fast and to the point -
1. Wear clothes which fit you. Baggy and too tight clothes ? not the greatest idea.
2. NO white socks.
3. Contrast works, but you need to balance. Green pants and blue shoes? Great! But wear a plain white tee. Don't wear a yellow shirt and look like a someone who really wants to perform in a circus.
4. The bottom most button of your coat should always be open. ALWAYS.
5. If you are wearing suspenders please do not wear a belt.
6. Experiment as much as you can. One thousand possibilities, even more. Experiment and know what looks the best on you.
7. Wearing loafers? fold up your pants. Do not look like someone who can not afford socks.
8. Do not wear socks on loafers.
9. How girls have their Little black dress?
Guys should have their comfortable black sweater. Goes with everything and looks great.
10. Your shoes's colour and your belt's colour should always match, when you are wearing formals.
11. Invest in good ties.
12. Never wear loose socks. Never.
13. Formal pants should reach upto your ankles and end there. Not go any further.
14. Always keep your shoes clean and  in a good state. That's the first thing a girl sees when she wants to check out what you are wearing ;)
15. Smell good. Invest in good perfumes. Once you are out of college prefer not using any Deodorants (unless you are going to the gym)
You do not need to own a huge ass closet. For guys it is easy. Invest in a couple of things and wear them in different combinations.


Aqib Talib 
Aqib Talib, NFL Cornerback for the Denver Broncos, 3x Pro Bowler
No more big baggy jeans. That is dead!
You have to have a longer shirt when you're wearing slimmer jeans. It makes it look better. If you can get that right then we'll talk later about your shoes and everything else.
Gouse Mohammed
Gouse Mohammed, Fashion consultant at
There will be thousands of tips from different tastes and opinions but all those tips have an order. It’s like 100s of tyres available but what suits your car best?
There are few basic tips without which the next tips will not help. What I am trying to say is, anyone can teach tips, do a mix and match and feel they pull it off very well, but trust me if you don’t know the basics then you got it wrong, you look illiterate until you speak about yourself. 
The fashion tips should revolve around how much you know about yourself. KNOW YOURSELF FIRST, your taste, your likes and dislikes, your physique, where you spend time(office, streets, clubs, university, beach, what is it?).
PERSONALISATION is my top tip for anyone, which is the key for fashion, the top of the pyramid; then all tips come later. Don’t just copy or get tips rather PERSONALISE for yourself.
My approach for my clients:

If you don’t think about these then there is always someone to pick up your mistakes.
  • Personalize your taste and blend with fashion: Something straight from a model on a ramp or mannequin, trust me, it doesn’t look good on you. You have to learn from the designers and models and make it great for you.
  • Focus on your lifestyle: Trainers to office make you look dork…Grow up..
  • Functionality: Gucci dress shoes in rain or jeans to a beach …. big LOL…like sunglasses in a shopping mall, they make you look blind or yourself on sick list…
  • Confidence: Did you notice how models walk on ramps! With utmost confidence yeah? Yes, you got to have this but you’ll get this when you know yourself better and know what’s right and what’s wrong.
  • Your body shape and what suits you well: Cropped jacket on a tall man…oops you look like a tall kid. Being tall is good but looking like “you remember that tall guy” is not a good sign! Proportionate your look with fashion mantras.
  • Fitness: Out of shape, a big struggle to carry fashion, trust me. I said struggle but not impossible. Feeling 30 when you turn 52 is awesome isn’t it? Loving slim fits but having a beer belly, feels terrible isn’t it? Eat healthy stay young, but is that easy? Yes it is, ask me, all you need is a disciplined lifestyle…and follow my articles on fitness.
  • Latest trends: Driving 90s scooter in 2016 is not vintage but laughable material on road. Same goes in fashion. Though some vintage comes back instyle but to pull that off a big practice and knowledge is required.
  • Rules of fashion: Yes there are rules, not set by any government or individual but from history of people’s eyes. For example, wearing a two button suit, never button up the lower one, that’s a rule and not following makes you look illiterate wearing suit for the first time.
There are many fashion advice websites or blogs out there but very few make you personalize your style, which as I said is top of the pyramid.
If you are serious about glamorizing and adding enticing appeal to your looks, being desired and emulating the real fashion then check my website at and keep shining.
Rudra Pathak
Rudra Pathak, Fashion-Not an unknown subject for me...
A man has to be well-dressed to exude his confidence, attractiveness, and charisma. But contrary to popular belief, being well-dressed is not about wearing expensive clothes and latest fashions. It’s all about what you choose and how you wear them...Here are some simple fashion rules that will help you be a dapper gentleman without making any great effort. So, stick to them and up your style quotient effortlessly !!!
1. Opt for grey instead of white to wear under white dress shirts...
​Most men wear white vest under white shirts. But wearing vest of the same color will show through. On the other hand, grey vest would be typically less visible as it actually absorbs light. It will not show any undershirt lines through your shirt creating a cleaner and more gentleman look...
2. Roll your sleeves up smartly by making your shirt cuffs visible...
​Forget the old method of sleeve rolling and try this new smart technique to show off the inside detail of the cuff! Start with unbuttoning both the cuff and gauntlet button. Now pull the cuff up to about two widths of the cuff. Grab the end part of the inside-out sleeve and roll it to the bottom of the cuff. Once again roll the sleeve, leaving a bit of the cuff exposed. That’s it your done...
3. Get the Perfect-Fitting Jeans using this Trick...
​Believe it or not, 90% of men are wearing wrong size jeans that are either too large or too tight. But finding the perfect-fit jeans is not as tough as you think. Simply check if you can fit two fingers comfortably between your hip and the waistband of your jeans. If so, then you have found the right size...
4. Pick Shorts that are at just the Right Length...

​​Not too long and not too short – this is how shorts are supposed to fit. So, don’t wear shorts that fall below the knee or ones that are too short. The perfect pick is that which breaks at knee or no more than 2-3 inches above the knee...
5. Don’t ever wear white socks with any Formal or Casual Outfit...
Unless you’re playing sports outdoors or going to the gym, no excuse is acceptable for wearing white socks. They’re meant to be worn as sportswear, and should not be worn with any casual or formal outfit – especially a suit. So, please wear white socks only when working out and invest in a couple of dress socks to go with dress shoes and outfits...
6. Never Tuck in Casual Shirts and Polos...
​​Casual shirts and Polos are meant to be worn untucked. They fit better with torso and don’t have all that extra fabric material like the classic fit shirts do. But make sure that their proportions are clean. Shirt or Polo tee should not cross your hips in length, otherwise tucking in is recommended to avoid looking nerdy....
7. Say a big no to Deep V-neck Shirts...
​V-necks are great, but men wearing those deep V-neck can look so damn tacky. So, if you love v-necks, please remember this rule of thumb: the bottom of your v-neck shirt should fall no lower than 2-3 inches below the collarbone...
Also,here are some hacks for you...
1. Maintain Your Denim By Freezing It...
​This one’s a controversial one that’s been floating around for a while but I reckon it does carry some substance given the CEO of Levi’s has discouraged throwing your jeans in the washing machine himself. Washing your jeans too often can degrade the natural colour but not washing them is also a non-option (unless you like being that guy on public transport). Solution: whack it in the freezer overnight. It kills the odour causing bacteria and will help retain the denim’s natural dye. I still recommend you wash your jeans once every two months or so though depending on the frequency of wear...
2. Determining If Pants Will Fit Without Trying Them On...
​No changerooms? No worries. One simple way to tell if your newfound favourite pair of pants will fit is to use the length of your forearm. The length of an arm from your fist to the elbow roughly correlates to your waist size. Ensure the button and fly are done all the way and if your arm slides in comfortably, so should your butt. Try this with an existing pair of pants if you’re still sceptical – clown pants not applicable...
3. Using Ice To Remove Gum From Clothes...
​Ah, the old gum on the pants trick. Most of us have been there but short of torching your favourite garment after such a dire incident, not many know that gum can be removed by simply freezing it. Some say use ice cubes for fifteen minutes but I say just go all out and whack in into the freezer as per #1. You won’t have to deal with melting ice, numb hands and once the gum becomes hard and brittle you can simply peel it off...
4. Remove Red Wine Stains With White Wine...
White wine is understood to dissolve the anthocyanin that gives red wine its colour. This has been proven by some internet geniuses already but I must stress that you should wash your garment immediately in stain-removing detergent after using the white wine to avoid bleached stains. This will show even on a white shirt so be weary on how long you leave it soaked to avoid permanent damage in the name of cleaning...
5. Determine A Shirt Fit With A Simple Sit...
​This one may come as obvious to some but hey, we’re men and the most obvious sometimes evades us. When it comes to button down shirts, choosing a slim fit is all good but how it looks when you’re sitting should be a determining factor on whether you should go ahead with the sale. If your buttons are pulling when you’re sitting and you can see skin from the side, it’s time to move up a size division...
Sources : dmarge,looksgud
A2A... :)
Thomas Rankin
Thomas Rankin, cofounder @ Dash Hudson
A few lessons I learned on the long road to establishing my own personal style.

1. Observe. Watch what others are wearing and make a mental note of what you thought looked cool. Be it at school, work or on the street, ideas are out there. This may be more difficult if you, like I, grew up in a sartorial wasteland.

2. Listen. Take cues from others, especially when they give you compliments. You probably won't for get these, so stash them away and remember what made you feel great about wearing that shirt.

3. Learn the basic rules. There ARE some rules. Match shoes to belt, tie above the buckle, fitted shirts, etc. You don't need to treat them as law, but they've been written for a reason.

4. Explore. There are a ton of great online shopping options for guys now. We're finally starting to feel the warmth of a market that understands us. Jack Threads, Bonobos, Trunk Club. Fantastic companies that help curate selections and deliver them to you in an efficient way.

If you're interested in learning more about what's happening in men's fashion, check out my blog on The Rise of Fashion E-Commerce and Man's Escape from the Mall: The Rise of Fashion E-Commerce and Man’s Escape from the Mall 

Dash Hudson

Tonya Chen Mezrich
Tonya Chen Mezrich, I'm a clothing designer for mike&ton, as well as a jewelry designer for my ow...
1. Find a good tailor and make sure you visit him often.  A poor fitting jacket or suit can be the death of you.

2. Pulling a bow tie off is pretty difficult. Know your limitations and don't do it unless you can.

3. Don't forget to accessorize your pants with a belt.  Beltless pants end up falling to the floor, and just looking like they're missing something.

4. Get yourself the proper size jeans--nobody likes a diaper butt unless you are a 2 year old toddler.  Jeans stretch with wear, so if they feel a little tight when you are buying them, they are most likely the correct size.

5.  Collared button down short sleeve shirts are just almost impossible to pull off unless you are Justin Timberlake, the UPS guy, or the Good Humor ice cream man--but even HE looks dorky in them.

6.  Accessories can make or break you.  Stick to one item of "flair"--be it a hat, a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring.

7. Hair can also make or break you, invest in a good haircut and some product, not at a barber, at a stylist!

8. White tube socks should only be worn to the gym.  I wish my husband would take note of this tip…

9. Get rid of your pleated pants.  Flat front pants are modern and the way to go for ANY body type.

10. Learn how to iron, or have someone do it for you. No one likes a wrinkled mess.
Rish Chullani
Rish Chullani, Men's formalwear blogger and necktie entrepreneur
These are what I would consider important for formal wear. 

1.  When wearing formal, go bespoke if you can.  Nothing stands out like a customized suit. 

2. When and if you do go bespoke, pay attention to the details.  Make sure the jacket fits snugly around your shoulders when you go for your first fitting with a half canvassed suit.  If the jacket fits snugly around your shoulders, chances are, it will taper well around your torso and the rest of your body.

3.  Opt for a higher 'super' number.  A super 120 suit is a of a higher quality, albeit lighter and finer fabric, than a super 100.

4.  When having your shirts measured, have your shirt sleeve length 1/4 an inch longer than your jacket sleeve length.  This shows a certain level of sophistication!

5.  When matching ties to your suit and shirt ensemble, use a color wheel to mix and match colors!  Opt for contrast in both patterns and colors.  Ideally, you want to have 2 solids and 1 pattern or 2 patterns and 1 solid.  Mixing and matching 3 patterns can work but is quite difficult to do.  Vary patterns not just by type but lso by scale e.g wearing a wider striped tie against a narrower striped shirt can work wonders, just as long as your suit is not pinstriped as well!  Likewise with colors, if you go for a monochromatic color scheme, mix up your textures.  Use a linen tie or a linen pocket square if the rest of your ensemble is largely wool (suit). 

6.  Don't wear brown shoes with a black suit and the other way around!  For a navy blue suit, black or brown shoes are fine.  For a grey suit, go for black shoes. 

7.  Try and opt for lace-ups with your suits!  They always look classy.

8.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, the color of your socks don't have to match the color of your pants.  While matching socks to your pants can create a 'seamless look without any breakage', having your socks matching your shirt or tie can give your ensemble more of a 'kick'!

9.  Always match the color and texture of your belt to that of your shoes!

10.  Ensure that the tip of your tie reaches your belt buckle!

More on men's fashion can be found at my men's formalwear fashion blog at
Atmaja Chowdhury
Atmaja Chowdhury, not a man-hater exactly
Keep a beard. Don't shy away from flaunting your facial hair because those days are gone when a beard was a hobo staple. Now with so many grooming options and styles, you can pick up a beard which best suits your face and amp up the style quotient.
A well-trimmed beard can give an illusion of a strong, shapely jawline and cover the weak or rounded areas on your face. It gives an edgier and sharper look and the best part, men of any age can sport a beard and look super cool in it.
Do give a good haircut prior to styling your beard. If you want to look stylish go for a man bun, mohawk or virtually any hairstyle that has buzz on both sides of your head. This slims down your face and gives your beard and sideburns the prominence they deserve.
So grow your beard, get a good stylist and flaunt your manliness with a fashionable beard. Corporate to party, college to date: a beard can look over stylish even if you are wearing a rag and will give you that edge you need. ;)
Trish Smith
Trish Smith, Healthy eating advocate, small business owner, avid blogger/Twitterer/etc.
To add to the fun:

1. Remember that humans are visual creatures. Personality counts, but one of the first things anyone notices when they meet you is your appearance. Clothing is one aspect of that appearance.

2. Find a good tailor, and keep him/her close. "I can't find anything that fits" is no excuse for not wearing nice clothes (including suits when the situation calls for it); if my 48"-chest, 5'7" husband can find suits that fit him, so can you. The secret? His tailor. Very little will fit you perfectly off the rack, but that's no reason to give up on making a nice presentation.

3. Remember that your decisions in clothing won't compromise your soul. In other words, wearing an appropriate outfit for a wedding or funeral won't make you any less of an authentic person, and it won't mean you sold out to "the establishment". What it WILL mean (and those to whom it matters will notice, trust me) is that you cared enough to take the time to select attire appropriate to the situation.

4. Finally, remember that clothing, while important, is only one part of your presentation. Being comfortable with the clothing you're in is important as well; nothing is more attractive than someone who's easy in their own skin. It doesn't matter how expensive your suit is; if you're not comfortable in it, everyone will know.  Relax, and you'll be that much more at ease.
The only one you need to know is:

  • Always determine the reason behind any purported tenets or rules before following or breaking them.

This involves more work than blindly following simple rules, but it will be more rewarding in the long run.
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Vanessa Versiani, Creative branding consultant and personal branding consultant.
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